West Coast heat wave predicted as 12 cities face record temperatures

One of the worst heat waves ever recorded in the western United States is expected to peak over the weekend and into early next week, bringing a period of persistently high temperatures to the Southwest, much of California and parts of the Pacific Northwest.

“Numerous climate locations have a strong chance of breaking daily and all-time temperature records,” wrote the National Weather Service office that serves Las Vegas. “The oppressive heat is expected to continue at least through midweek.”

Highs are forecast to reach at least 100 to 120 degrees across California, except along the coast, increasing the threat of heat-related illnesses and deaths. These temperatures could also test power grids.

The Weather Service’s heat risk scale of 0 to 4 is expected to reach the highest level of “extreme” Level 4 across much of inland California and southern Nevada.

In Southern and Northern California, weather service offices have issued heat warnings extending 200 hours into the future, the longest warning ever recorded.

“Expect high heat risks, even in the mountains,” the Weather Service office in Reno, Nevada, wrote. “Take this seriously.”

Death Valley, which holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on the planet, has predicted highs of 127, 129, 131, 131, 132, 131 and 129 between Friday and Thursday, which would be the hottest period on record. It is unlikely to reach the world record temperature of 134, set in 1913, although there are questions about the reliability of that measurement. In 2020 and 2021, it reached 130 degrees, the highest reliably observed temperature in modern records, which could be surpassed in the coming days.

Below is a look at how warm it could get in 12 cities in the western United States through early next week.

Redding, California: Heat Warning, High Expected to Hit 119 Degrees

It’s already 230 degrees in this Northern California city. The all-time high of 250 degrees could be in jeopardy in the coming days. Even the summit of nearby Mount Shasta, which rises more than 14,000 feet, is under a heat warning.

  • Friday: 117 high
  • Saturday: 119 high / 74 low
  • Sunday: 114 high / 76 low
  • Monday: 112 high / 76 low

Sacramento: Heat Warning, High Temperature Forecast of 111

As in Redding, the heat will be extreme and persistent, while the blazing sun may only be blocked by wildfire smoke.

  • Friday: 110 high
  • Saturday: 111 high / 68 low
  • Sunday: 106 high / 67 low
  • Monday: 104 high / 65 low

San Francisco: Highest temperature forecast of 77

The worst of the heat is expected to spare downtown San Francisco, which is surrounded on three of its four sides by cold Pacific waters. Highs are expected to reach only the upper 70s. However, heat watches and extreme heat warnings are in effect around the city for temperatures in the triple digits, except in the west, where coastal areas may only reach the 60s.

  • Friday: 77 high
  • Saturday: 77 high / 55 low
  • Sunday: 74 high / 54 low
  • Monday: 72 high / 54 low

Fresno, California: Heat Warning, High Temperature Forecast of 113

Blistering heat is forecast across California’s Central Valley. On the southern edge, Fresno will see endless sunshine and highs of 110 to 115. There is also an elevated fire danger amid multiple ongoing blazes.

  • Friday: 110 high
  • Saturday: 113 high / 79 low
  • Sunday: 113 high / 80 low
  • Monday: 112 high / 79 low

Santa Barbara, California: Heat Warning and High Temperature Forecast of 99

The proximity to the coast will provide some relief, but temperatures are still expected to soar into the 90s. Some fog may help to temper the heat.

  • Friday: 99 high
  • Saturday: 91 high / 67 low
  • Sunday: 94 high / 63 low
  • Monday: 95 high / 62 low

Los Angeles: Heat warning, high temperature forecast of 98

In the Los Angeles metro area, temperatures range from 70 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit along the coast and near 106 degrees Fahrenheit inland.

  • Friday: 98 high
  • Saturday: 91 high / 72 low
  • Sunday: 90 high / 70 low
  • Monday: 91 high / 68 low

Palm Springs, California: Heat Warning, High Temperature of 120

Palm Springs will experience temperatures in the high 120s day after day, with lows in the low 90s.

  • Friday: 118 high
  • Saturday: 118 high / 90 low
  • Sunday: 118 high / 89 low
  • Monday: 120 high / 90 low

San Diego: Highest temperature of 80

This is one of the few places in Southern California where you can escape the heat, with highs in the low 80s for the next few days. However, temperatures will quickly climb to 110 degrees in the Inland Empire and nearly 120 degrees in the deserts.

  • Friday: 79 high
  • Saturday: 79 high / 67 low
  • Sunday: 80 high / 67 low
  • Monday: 78 high / 67 low

Las Vegas: Heat warning and maximum temperature of 117

Sin City could reach an all-time high of 117 degrees starting Sunday, while overnight lows are only expected to drop to the mid-80s to around 90 degrees.

  • Friday: 113 high
  • Saturday: 113 high / 86 low
  • Sunday: 117 high / 86 low
  • Monday: 116 high / 88 low

Reno, Nev.: Heat Warning, High Temperature of 103

Reno is located at about 4,500 feet in a valley on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada. Temperatures are expected to range from 100 to 106 degrees until further notice.

  • Friday: 100 high
  • Saturday: 103 high / 67 low
  • Sunday: 103 high / 69 low
  • Monday: 103 high / 68 low

Portland, Ore.: Heat Warning, High Temperature of 103

The heat will increase Friday and remain intense into early next week. “This heat wave will likely be remembered more for its duration than its intensity,” the Weather Service’s Portland office wrote. It warned that high nighttime lows in urban areas will make conditions “particularly dangerous.”

  • Friday: 100 high
  • Saturday: 101 high / 67 low
  • Sunday: 103 high / 72 low
  • Monday: 103 high / 68 low

Seattle: Heat warning, high temperature of 104

Even far north in the Pacific Northwest, it’s warm. Multiple 90-degree days will scorch Seattle amid mostly sunny conditions. East of the Cascade Mountains, where heat advisories are in effect, temperatures will top 100.

  • Friday: 88 high
  • Saturday: 89 high / 62 low
  • Sunday: 92 high / 64 low
  • Monday: 94 high / 65 low

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