On July 4, bright green liquid gushed from the ceiling of Miami International Airport, causing the airport to flood

The concourses at Miami International Airport were not colored red, white and blue on July 4, but instead bright lime green.

A leak in the airport’s Concourse G pipeline caused fluorescent fluid to pour from the ceiling around 9 a.m. ET Thursday morning, the airport said. Crews responded immediately and determined the fluid was not hazardous.

The airport reported in a message on X that the spill was cleaned up within an hour and a half.

“We would like to thank our passengers in Concourse G for their patience and understanding this morning,” the message said.

Greg Chin, communications director for the Miami-Dade Department of Aviation, said in a follow-up statement that the mystery solution was actually just water.

“The fluid was water from the air conditioning system with a green dye in it. If there is ever a leak, the source of it can be traced,” Chin said.

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