Man gets 4 months in prison for playing with Zelda toy sword

In addition to Bray spending four months of his life behind bars, he is also legally obliged to pay victim compensation surcharge of £154 (about $200).“We have a zero tolerance policy for bladed items in public and Bray was a victim of this. It is possible to find fidget toys that do not have six inch blades. It is possible to not walk down the street with them out in front of you,” said Sgt Spellman of the Patrol Investigations Unit.

Despite the comedic tone of this story, it appears that the suspect’s criminal history was largely responsible for his real-life prison sentence. As reported by Forbes , Anthony Bray was not just an innocent Zelda fan, but rather a repeat offender who had already served four years in prison for a series of burglaries and had numerous run-ins with the law throughout the 1990s. Whether the arresting officers were aware of this when they arrested him for carrying a toy knife is up for debate, but it’s highly likely that Bray’s dark past prompted the court to impose an actual prison sentence rather than just a small fine and a stern warning.

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