Lindsay Hubbard Reveals When She Told Her Boyfriend About Her Pregnancy

Lindsay Hubbard revealed that she told her mystery boyfriend she was pregnant with their first child just three months after they started dating.

The “Summer House” star shared on Friday that she took a pregnancy test after her period was two weeks late and it was positive.

“It was immediately and unmistakably stated with the words ‘You’re pregnant,’ and as shocking as that was, having a really clear result just helped soften the unknown. Those next steps are a little scary, but they’re at least easier if you know what you’re dealing with in some way,” she told People.

Lindsay Hubbard told her mystery boyfriend that she was pregnant with their first child. Instagram/@lindshubbs
The “Summer House” star said she took a pregnancy test before going to her gynecologist to confirm she was pregnant. Instagram/@lindshubbs

To confirm that she was indeed pregnant, Hubbard went to her gynecologist for blood tests.

The 37-year-old reality star got the rash while on a plane to her best friend’s wedding in Mexico. (Yvonne Najor got married in Punta Mita in mid-April.)

“My boyfriend wasn’t there, so that was a little bit tricky. That’s not something you want to tell someone in a text or a phone call, so I talked through the wedding weekend and told him when I got back,” she shared.

Hubbard explained that she got the results while she was in Mexico on her way to her best friend’s wedding. Instagram/@lindshubbs
Yvonne Najor got married in Punta Mita in mid-April. Instagram/@lindshubbs

Hubbard admitted that the pregnancy was a “surprise and a shock at first because we weren’t trying or even planning it,” but after some conversations they knew “it just felt so right for both of us.”

“We have a very loving, caring and healthy relationship. I finally feel like I’ve found my match in him,” she raved.

The former publicist has kept the identity of her mystery man a secret, but she told the magazine that he is “a doctor who works in biotech investments and prefers to stay out of the public eye.”

“I went over the wedding weekend and told him when I got back,” she said. Instagram/@lindshubbs
Hubbard has withheld her boyfriend’s name, but she did say he is a “doctor who works in biotech investments and prefers to stay out of the public eye.” Charles Sykes/Bravo

“He’s just so excited to be a dad and proud to have a child with me. It just means the world to have someone like him by my side. And yeah, it’s a lot of pressure in a new relationship, but I think because he’s the right guy, because we’re so connected and connected and communicate really effectively with each other, it doesn’t feel like work,” she enthused.

Hubbard announced her pregnancy on Thursday by posting photos of her baby bump on Instagram, including one in which her boyfriend is holding her stomach from behind. (His face was not visible in the photo.)

“Trigger Warning: This post contains more fireworks than the 4th of July! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!” she captioned the post.

Hubbard announced her pregnancy on Thursday. Instagram/@lindshubbs
“WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!” she wrote alongside a series of photos. Instagram/@lindshubbs

The Bravolebrity thanked her followers for their well-wishes the next day, sharing how “relieved and excited” she is to “finally be able to celebrate openly and with the world.”

“It was so hard hiding my excitement in secret, and now that I can share my happiness and joy, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (even though I’m actually gaining weight every day, lol)!” she wrote on Friday.

“Our little cub is already so loved! Thank you for all the sweet comments, love and support! We are so happy right now!”

Hubbard thanked his fans on Friday for “all the kind comments, love and support.” Instagram/@lindshubbs
She previously said that she and her boyfriend first started dating in 2020, but that they reconnected in January. Jackie Schimmel/YouTube

Hubbard first met her baby’s father in 2020, and they went on a few dates before he “respectfully” ended their relationship due to “bad timing.”

However, in December 2023, he contacted her again and she agreed to meet him in January.

Hubbard was previously engaged to her co-star Carl Radke, but he dumped her on camera in August 2023.

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