Actor in Lioness, the vacation proposal plan was 30

Mike Heslin, an actor in Taylor Sheridan’s action drama Lionesshad died. He was 30.

His husband, Scotty Dynamo (born Nicolas James Wilson), shared on Instagram that Heslin died Tuesday of a sudden heart attack after a week-long battle in the hospital. “Michael was young, in perfect health and doctors have no explanation for what happened,” he wrote.

Heslin played Polo in two episodes of Lioness season one, which also starred Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman. He has also starred in The holiday proposal plan, Younger, The influencers, 7 Deadly Sins And You are never alone.

“Michael was brilliant, selfless, talented, and a true guardian angel,” his husband wrote in a tribute. “He single-handedly got me through multiple rounds of cancer. He was the first person everyone would call to share good news, and he was the perfect person to call when they needed a shoulder to lean on or the best advice. He was truly the sweetest, most caring, and loving man on the planet, and he brought out the very best in everyone who had the pleasure of crossing his path. He moved through life with such ease and confidence, transforming everyone around him into a better version of themselves. No matter how tough things got, we knew there was nothing we couldn’t overcome with Mike by our side.”

Dynamo also shared several photos of herself and Heslin in the post, including images from their wedding day last November.

“Just a week ago, we were just starting our family and were regularly sharing our favorite baby names for our future children,” he said. “You always told me you felt like you were meant to be a dad, and I couldn’t agree more. You would be the most perfect father in the world. If I ever become a father, I’m going to name my son after you and hope to raise him to be at least half the man you are.

Dynamo continued, “You were the most generous and giving person. It gives me peace to know that through your desire to be a donor, you gave the gift of life to four different families. We are only 3 weeks away from your birthday and 4 months away from our 1 year wedding anniversary, but I know you are in a better place and heaven has gained a new angel.”

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